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Our rotating power disk with adjustable tension control, trains hitters to properly drive their back leg, and prevents over rotation.

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1 week using the Homerun Stride....#1 ! It has given my son confidence when he goes to bat....we went to the batting cages and wow what a difference in him ...overall.  Love everything about it!! A must have tool for young kids who are new to the game!!!

Alex Fiallo | Purchaser

This tool is great for all youth baseball and softball players! Our athletes were very responsive to the Home Run Stride, as it enhanced their swings by allowing them to utilize their lower half more.

Masterful Mechanics

I have coached youth baseball and softball for the last 6 years. Having a tool that helps children unlock their lower half and hips is huge. 100% recommend.

Mike Merrilees | Youth Baseball & Softball Coach

A great training concept that will help batters become good hitters. Excellent product!

Peter Cooper | Mercy Street Sports

Love this product!! I have been coaching youth softball for the past 7 years and can’t be more excited for where this is taking my team. Power is in the legs and the Home Run Stride easily engages the legs while the beginning batter is worried about moving their upper body to hit the ball. 😍 thank you Home Run Stride!

Heidi Specht | Youth Softball Coach